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IPower have customers in 100 countries servicing business and personal websites and blogs. The main office, support centers and both 2 data centers are powered by 100% renewable energy, thus classing the server accounts as an "eco hosting" feature, as this would suggest.


Hosted sites/domains: 108,000+

Overall total customers: 1 million

Server locations: Boston, MA (USA)

Established: 2001 (20 years)

IPower: Coupon codes & offers | 14 Jun, 2021

These offers are direct from IPower. These are guarantee to be the latest hosting offers currently available.

OFFER: Unlimited Storage, Unlimited Bandwidth + FREE; Setup, Domain, Web Builder, Shopping Cart setup.

Additional offers are limited time based and will show on the IPower front page daily.

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How to use the IPower offers / codes

The offers currently available are automatically integrated into the final price. Just order as normal to receive the current deal.

IPower: contacts


919 East Jefferson St
AZ 85034

IPower Phone Numbers

Sales: 888-511-4678

Support: 888-511-4678


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